About Us


Bitcoin Ninjas is a community-based, grassroots cryptocurrency organization that was created to help people of all levels of experience become successful in the rapidly growing world of decentralized, blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology.

Our organization offers a wide variety of helpful services, including: cryptocurrency training and education, blockchain technology product and service reviews, automatic trading software and support, 24/7 cryptocurrency news and radio services, multi-platform community messaging and discussion forums, and more. We are dedicated to adding new services and features for our community as they become available.

Best of all, it’s free to become a Bitcoin Ninja!

Who We Are

The Bitcoin Ninjas organization was originally founded by Brett (spif) and Abe (pookzta) in late 2017. Brett first became interested in computers and digital technology when he began playing computer games during childhood. He served as the leader of one of the top Counter Strike teams in the United States, working with other friends and local gamers to climb from the bottom ranks to the highest competitive division, traveling around the country to compete in high stakes tournaments. Abe also became interested in computer technology when he began playing video games during his youth. He first began playing Star Craft, and quickly rose to become a dominant force in competitive ‘ladder’ tournaments. He later became immersed in Counter Strike and Diablo, playing in local competitive tournaments in his home state of Minnesota.

Although Brett and Abe no longer spend significant time playing computer games, their paths eventually crossed in 2017 when they both became heavily interested in revolutionary decentralized blockchain technologies. They combined forces and founded the Bitcoin Ninjas organization in late 2017 to help their friends and family get involved and achieve success. The Bitcoin Ninjas organization was created to help people achieve financial freedom and to make our planet a better place. It is our personal goal to help each and every Bitcoin Ninja achieve new heights of financial independence and success. We are personally committed to spreading truth, liberty, and peace in our world, at a time when it’s becoming a necessity.

Individually we are weak, but together we are strong!

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