Call For Help – by spiftheninja

CALL FOR HELP – by spiftheninja

This is my plan C, unfortunately. Asking for help from my friends.


Hi friends, I am in a tight spot.

My landlord, whom I have been renting from for 8+ years has decided to sell the house I am living in out from under me,

He’s giving me a chance to buy it, but increasingly becoming hostile toward my situation, threatening to sell it to someone else because “I’m taking too long”. I’ve only been attempting to secure financing since the middle of May. He already canceled my lease and threatened to kick me out.

In actuality, I’ve never applied for a home loan before, my wife has not been reliably working since COVID (she’s a waittress and her place of business is basically dying slowly like a reality TV show) and I make barely enough to even be considered for this type of loan — even with my parents as co-signers.

My wife and I are getting married on 11-11-22 of this year and that has been our most important priority up until this point.

Unfortunately, landlord has given us until the end of July to either buy the house or find a new place to live.

I have about 40 days.

We have 2 kids, 12 chickens, 3 cats and have been planting our roots into this house for over 8 years. To be potentially uprooted in less than a month has caused the amount of stress thrown at us to be nearly unbearable.

We truly have no good way to pay for our wedding and a reasonable enough house down payment for us to secure the loan.

 The housing market has changed so much in the last year or two that finding something worthwhile in our price range is impossible at this this point.

But now we also have to find a new place to live while in the process of all of this — just in case.

I am willing to spend everything I have on getting this house, but even doing so, I will need a little help.

I’m asking for a ONE TIME LOAN from my friends.

I will pay +10% back (110% of initial loan amount), proportionally to each contributor (largest contributors are paid first).

Anyone who knows me know that I am a man of my word and I will make sure each contributor is paid back in full, in a timely manner, and +10%.

 I will also be forever grateful and appreciative because you are truly saving my life here, preventing my family from living in a bus or worse.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Contribute Money or Crypto-currency to spiftheninja’s home purchase and be repaid your initial contribution +10% as fast as spif can pay you back (largest contributors paid first).

Total Cost: $90,000

Spif Contribution (all he has): $15,000

Total Necessary to be Contributed for success: $75,000

USDT: 0x8E58fB04F783B09474A79bD69e4DD4BE342aAA89
USDC: 0x8E58fB04F783B09474A79bD69e4DD4BE342aAA89
BTC: 3GQmjuW55VJjxVdVsaMmuUo3pSeoqTAJea
LTC: ltc1qcm4k30ed8c50x9npjwcde47ytz5skp8h0egpul
ETH: 0x8E58fB04F783B09474A79bD69e4DD4BE342aAA89
BNB: 0x8E58fB04F783B09474A79bD69e4DD4BE342aAA89
KCS: 0x8E58fB04F783B09474A79bD69e4DD4BE342aAA89
PAYPAL: ask spif for address
VENMO: ask spif for address

$25 / $75,000

Those that are contributing, please submit this form with your contact information and contribution information.

You can also send @spiftheninja on telegram a message.