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27/02/2018 6:06 am  

Hi all,

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what/why/how/when/where/who you are involved with crypto?

You can say as little or as much as you want, we don't care 🙂

I'll start -

Welcome everyone,
Glad to have you here with us! This world has been needing a community like the Bitcoin Ninjas for a while. If any of you have followed telegram lately, you'd see an interconnectedness that is forming with our core members. Please feel free to join us and take part. We are about to unveil some epic projects to the world very soon, so please join us on telegram!

My personal main goal within crypto is obviously financial independence whilst leaving seeds of change which grow into world changing forests of amazingness. I want to help the world become what it could be,

We are slowly finding our way home!

So glad to meet you all and thanks for being a Ninja!


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27/02/2018 7:10 am  

Yo Ninjas! My name is Abraham but most friends call me Abe. I got into computers during junior high thanks to computer games like Star Craft, Diablo, and Counter Strike. 

During college I became concerned with corruption and evil in our world, especially financial corruption such as the Federal Reserve private central banking system. This set me up to discover the true importance of decentralized blockchain currencies like Bitcoin, and after learning more about this revolutionary technology, I couldn't help but get more involved. 

I know Brett through the Iowa electronic music and art scene, and once we connected deeper through our understanding of blockchain technologies, we decided to team up and try to help each other, our friends, and the world. 

Excited to be part of this with you all!



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