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Ninja Signals

Ninja Signals is a set of indicators for TradingView.com which allow the user to combine a plethora of powerful indicators and filters together, along with our proprietary calibration algorithm which allow the trader to take full control of his trading strategy.

Yes. we have an active community of hundreds of users who will vouch for the accuracy and success of our script.

Yes. Your license may be upgraded at any time.

Ninja Signals uses very little computer resources and is even able to run on an old laptop.

No, anyone can learn how to use our script successfully after spending a few hours watching videos.

Why Ninja Signals?

Free 30 Trial

1 Month License

6 Month License

1 Year License

Unlimited License

How does it work?

1. Supply your TradingView Username when purchasing

2. Check your "Invite-Only Scripts" Section of Indicators

3. Add the desired indicator to the chart

4. Find suitable configuration using specific methods

5. Set alerts to notify you for BUY, SELL, SL, TAKE PROFIT

6. Configure Gunbot to trade on your signals

6. Profit While You Sleep