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Automated Trading is the Future.

We provide everything you need to fit your personal trading style.


GunBot is a revolutionary automatic trading platform that is specifically designed for Digital Blockchain-based Crypto-Currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). With it, you can define your own custom trading strategy and begin trading automatically, simply and easily.

You can configure parameters within the software to react to different market conditions and precisely buy or sell at a ‘good time’.

Once configured properly, sit back and watch GunBot do the trading for you.

Profit while you sleep.

Yes, GunBot has a very active community of 5000+ traders who use it daily. Also, a large forum as well as many user-created private telegram strategy groups.

Please ask if you would like screenshots or other proof.

To join our GunBot Strategy Team, click here.

Yes, very safe. Firstly, we never require you to enter any personal information here. The only payment method we accept currently are cryptocurrencies, therefore, no personal information is ever revealed to us.

We use a valid trusted SSL certificate which encrypts all transactions to verify that your data stays safe.

We are a verified reseller & partner for Gunbot, we have helped many aspiring BTCNinjas aquire the tools they need.

Feel free to ask the happy users in our telegram channel if you are still uncertain!

Yes, users who may want to trade on additional exchanges or on all available exchanges may upgrade their license at any time.

Plugins and Add-ons are tools or modifications which are created to allow further customization or additional support which may help to provide results such as trade tracking, custom strategies, email alerts, etc. Some popular Add-ons are: CryptoSight, TradingView, Ninja Signals and CryptoGramBot.

To take full advantage of everything Gunbot has to offer, and also to be able to use our ‘Ninja Signals’ Script, you need the TradingView Add-on.

However, it is not required to achieve great results.

The TradingView Add-on for Gunbot allows the user to trade based off alerts which are sent from any chart on TradingView.com automatically. This allows you to create a 100% custom strategy, using whichever and however many indicators you would like.

To take full control of the Gunbot, we highly recommend the TradingView Add-on.

Hhowever, there are many great trading Strategies and Customization options within the Gunbot itself, so this Add-on is definitely not required.

Although, personally, we do consider it to be necessity.

Gunbot uses very little computer resources and is even able to run on an old laptop.

Why choose Gunbot?

Perfect Money Machine

How does it work?

1. Install the Gunbot on Local Computer or VPS

2. Configure your Trading Strategy

4. Setup your desired Trading Pairs

3. Connect to the Exchange API

5. Setup any desired Scripts, Plugins or Add-ons.

6. Start Gunbot and 'Profit While You Sleep'



GunBot XT

GunBot Lite