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Short answer: Yes. You may run an infinite number of Gunbots after paying for your license. The only limitations are the API call limit or connections from a single IP of the exchange you are sending requests to.

BitcoinNinjas has been a proud partner and official reseller with Gunthy and Gunbot for a long time. We have been recommending Gunbot to users long before we became an official reseller.

Furthermore, we offer a free setup guide included with each purchase. We have also written a strategy guide which is available as well.

We maintain a large community of 24/7 chat support, ever-expanding documentation, steemit articles, tips, tricks and other strategy related content.

Additionally, anyone who purchases a Gunbot License from us will receive an automatic 10 or 20% discount when purchasing Ninja Signals Trading Scripts (depending on whether you bought Gunbot or Gunbot + TradingView Extension from us)

The ‘Ultimate‘ Gunbot Package includes all current and all future exchanges, as well as the TradingView extension included at no additional cost.

The ‘Lite‘ Gunbot Package includes one exchange and one trading strategy.

There is no support for the TradingView extension or Ninja Signals Trading Scripts with the ‘Lite’ Edition of Gunbot.

All users who purchase ‘Lite’ and wish to upgrade to a full package later will receive a discount of their purchase price when upgrading if ‘Lite’ was purchased through BitcoinNinjas.

Gunbot comes complete with 40+ different trading strategies which are enough to develop many strategies and keep most people busy for a long time.

However, some people prefer to take ‘full control’ over Gunbot. For those people, we recommend the TradingView Extension.

The TradingView Extension allows you to take signals directly from TradingView, which allows you to complete design your very own strategy.

You may also use the extension with other scripts, such as our Ninja Signals Trading Script.

RT stands for “Reversal Trading“. You can find more about it here.

All licenses for Gunbot are permanent, unlimited use licenses. You may sell or trade your license using a verified reseller such as BitcoinNinjas if you wish to quit using it at a later date.

Gunbot does not offer any type of free trial, however, we offer a free 7 day trial of our Ninja Signals Trading Scripts. More info can be found here.

A free TradingView account will only allow you to generate 1 alert, which is only enough for a single BUY or SELL on a single coin.

Sadly, that is not enough to effectively trade automatically, but it may be sufficient for manual traders.

We recommend trying a free 30 day trial of one of the upgraded packages, and waiting until the last week of your trial when they offer 50% discount. You can get a cheaper subscription to TradingView that way.

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