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STRATEGY‘ and ‘SCRIPT’ for both v1 and v2 are different scripts which perform different tasks.

The ‘STRATEGY‘ indicator is for backtesting only. This indicator may not be used to trade, no alerts may be set. This is used to find the correct settings for use with the ‘SCRIPT‘.

The ‘SCRIPT‘ is the indicator which does all the trading. After you find which backtesting results you like best, you may plug those settings into the ‘SCRIPT‘ indicator, then you will be able to set alerts.

Using the setting “Once Per Bar Close” allows for a candle to be closed before making calculations on that candle, as opposed to the intra-bar uncertainty which would occur using “Once Per Minute” or “Once Per Bar”.

Either of the latter two settings will not allow TradingView enough time to effectively make all required calculations, thus creating an invalid or ‘untrustable’ alert.

Some people prefer to take ‘full control’ over Gunbot. For those people, we recommend the TradingView Extension.

The TradingView Extension allows you to take signals directly from TradingView, which allows you to complete design your very own strategy.

You may also use the extension with other scripts, such as our Ninja Signals Trading Script.

TradingView Extension is required for Gunbot users wishing to use Ninja Signals.

Version 1 or v1 has a flaw innate to TradingView which many other scripts experience that causes signals to disappear and reappear in other places after an alert has been generated, especially after the chart has been closed and reopened. This is commonly known as ‘repainting’ and is the cause of controversy.

We therefore released v2, a script which has no repainting, but also some beneficial components removed, so performance is lessened.

Some users prefer v1 with the repainting. Some users prefer v2.

Calibration is a “resolution” function, one of the main adjustable parameter within Ninja Signals. It tells the script how many minutes back of historical data to use in calculations.

Smaller candle charts require smaller calibration numbers typically, whereas larger candles require larger calibration numbers.

‘Only Sell For Profit’ is a variable only available in the backtesting version of the script, this simulates using a setting such as ‘Gain Protection’ or ‘TV Protection’ in Gunbot or other programs. Some programs allow for this feature, which prevents selling for a loss, so it has been included in the backtesting script.

If you are using AutoView or some other program which does not have this feature, this does not apply to you.

USD and USDT pairs require a change in your settings for the backtesting results to work properly. You must switch to ‘Contracts’ in the STRATEGY indicator settings under the Properties tab.

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