Web Miner

Our Web Miner (CPU) is a completely optional tool that you can use to help the Bitcoin Ninjas grow. 

By utilizing the processing computer of your current device, you are able to allow your computer to complete calculations for us which is known as ‘proof of work’ on the Monero Blockchain.

These calculations are used to complete ‘cryptocurrency blocks’ which allow transactions to be sent and received on the Monero network.

While you are ‘mining’, our website is utilizing your device to help complete transactions for the Monero Blockchain. These computations slowly reward actual Monero over time, which is to be used in our projects — and for charity. We will donate 50% of our mined Monero to charitable causes which the ninjas will vote on, the remaining 50% will be used to fund our projects.

We are constantly working to better the performance and efficient of our website tools, we are currently working on a way to track each user’s permanent mining stats, which will be displayed in your dashboard.

In the future, we plan to have mined Monero granted back to the user, in the form of trackable stats on the user’s individual dashboard.

Monero Mined:


/ 1 XMR