'Ninja Signals' is our legendary Buy & Sell Alerts Script, designed for TradingView.

It works with any chart on TradingView, on any time period. It can be used for automatic and manual trading.

'Ninja Signals'
is compatible with any automated trading software which will interpret alerts from TradingView.

LEARN ALL ABOUT IT: BitcoinNinjas.org/NSV4

֍ Fully Tuned Settings Packs
֍ Backtested 2-5 years
֍ Ready for Immediate Use
֍ "Plug and Play".
֍ Backtesting Beats 'BUY & HOLD'
֍ Unlimited Licenses receive (1)

֍ Base Configurations Only
֍ Backtested 2-5 years
֍ Tuning Recommended
֍ Available to anyone!
֍ Great for Learning to Configure
֍ Perfect for testing the Free Trial

The Bitcoin Ninjas are official partners of Gunbot, the revolutionary automatic cryptocurrency trading software platform. We offer free technical support, pre-tuned settings packages, discounted pricing of NSV4 for Gunbot users in our community.

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