Bitcoin Ninjas is a grassroots cryptocurrency community. An organization that was created to help people of all levels of experience get more involved in the rapidly growing world of decentralized cryptocurrencies. Click here to learn more about the Bitcoin Ninjas organization, our mission and goals, team members, and more. Best of all, it's free to join!


Bitcoin Ninjas keeps you updated on the latest news and events related to our community and website, important cryptocurrency developments, financial sector news, current events, and more.


Our training Dojo is filled with helpful guides, videos, articles, tutorials, and more, that cover a wide variety of topics regarding the rapidly growing cryptocurrency community. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert, our Ninja Training dojo will help take your cryptocurrency knowledge and success to the next level. [Under Development]


We personally review a wide variety of products and services to help our community members, including promising cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs), trading marketplaces/exchanges, hardware/software wallets, automated trading software, mining rigs, pools, blockchain-based social media websites, and more. [Under Development]


Need some help? Submit your questions to the Bitcoin Ninjas team and a veteran Ninja will personally respond with a helpful answer in a short amount of time. Useful questions will be gathered over time and added to our permanent FAQ section to grow our helpful grassroots knowledge base and answer the questions of other Ninjas. [Under Development]


Bitcoin Ninjas is an official partner of GunBot, the revolutionary automatic cryptocurrency trading software platform. We offer discounted pricing to Gunbot users, free technical support, professional pre-tuned settings packages, etc. Trade 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even while you sleep.


'Ninja Signals' is our custom TradingView Script, a custom indicator which can be added to any chart to generate alerts (signals) to buy or sell based on user input parameters. Our script works with any asset listed on TradingView.com, on any time period, including custom intervals. Our script can be used for automatic and manual trading with cryptocurrencies, Forex, and securities.
'Ninja Signals'
is compatible with any Bot which will receive alerts from TradingView (such as Gunbot, ProfitTrailer, Autoview, etc).


Learn more about the wide variety of mining opportunities and educational materials offered by our Bitcoin Ninjas community, including XMR web-based community mining, cloud mining, mining pools, software vs hardware mining strategies, and more. We can personally help you meet your mining goals, regardless of how much experience you have. [Under Development]


Our 24/7 radio station features cryptocurrency news, helpful information, amazing music, and more. Run by Ninjas, for Ninjas. [Under Development]


Bitcoin Ninjas P2P Exchange allows our members to quickly and easily trade cryptocurrencies, gift cards, merchandise, and other miscellaneous items directly with other Ninjas, without having to go through an unnecessary middleman. Grassroots, peer-to-peer community trading, exclusively for members of the Bitcoin Ninjas community. [Under Development]

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Follow us on STEEMIT, use the tag #btcninjas, and contribute to the community to receive free upvotes from other ninjas. We are introducing our very own line of community Voting Bots in the near future.
[Under Development]


We have a few large telegram communities which are growing daily. Click on the links below to join all of them and take part in our projects:
Bitcoin Ninjas
Ninja Signals Group
BTCNinjas Gunbot Team


All of our open source projects will be available on Github.
[Under Development]


Polls are taken to see what the community thinks. Such as upcoming projects and features. We believe a fair and honest voting system is the best way to decide our future.
[Under Development]


Please introduce yourself on the forums and become part of the team!

We have 24/7 telegram community chatrooms and also have an “Ask a Ninja” feature on the FAQ section of our website. Good questions will be permanently added to the FAQ!

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