• ¤ Working Strategy included for your exchange with every License

  • ¤ Years of testing and upgrades culminating in V4.

  • ¤ No Repainting!
  • ¤ Generates BUY / SELL / TP / SL alerts based on your custom trading strategy.

  • ¤ Works on any chart and timeframe on TradingView.

  • ¤ Helpful community to guide you with setup and answer your every question.

  • ¤ Powerful Algorithm proven over years of backtesting.

  • ¤ Adjustable Calibrations can find profitable results on most timeframes.

  • ¤ Strategies beat BUY & HOLD!
  • ¤ Works with all Bots that can read TradingView Alerts!
I search through TradingView scripts often. Never have I come across a more versatile & robust script.
It's official, as of today, my GUNBOT now makes as much money as I do per week while working at Google.
Jacob T.
Veteran User
Thanks.. I've tried a couple of scripts and yours has excelled in what I'm using it for.. After I learned how to set it up per coin, It just works..
Telegram User
thank you so much for taking your time to create this wonderful indicator
Telegram User
Absolute beast my friend, V4. I freaking love it.
Telegram User
Just to let you know that while I was testing out the script I've made 2-3 eth which is a blessing and it works wonders, I trade manually atm. because I don't know how to use bot yet
Telegram User
Really thanks. After trial I purchased it. Really goooooooooooooood.
Telegram User
Guys this is a great script! I'm using it to automate my trades using Autoview and ProfitTrailer and having GREAT results. Right now I'm seeing 20+ profitable trades per day. I'm only trading 10 coins but now that I have things tuned in I plan to increase the amount of coins traded as well as increasing the trade amount. I'm so pleased with this strategy that I purchased a lifetime license. They offer a trial for people who are interested. Check them out. -Todd
TradingView User
This is freaking awesome! I set my alerts to pass into cryptohopper and it's working flawlessly. I can't thank you enough! $758 in one week. $2500 starting fund.
Telegram User
I certainly haven’t found anything even close to as powerful on TradingView - and I’ve checked out tons of scripts. You guys have truly done on amazing job here. It also seems the longer you use Ninja, you almost get a feel for what settings to try in a given situation. Picking the appropriate timeframe is surely one of the toughest parts for me still but there are clusters of minute ranges that seem to be the best. Still figuring that out. It boggles my mind how 1 minute in either direction can make such a huge difference!
Telegram User

Yes, all licenses will be automatically granted access to new versions and resources.

After purchasing the script and receiving confirmation from us that you have been activated, visit any chart on TradingView and click the “FX” button (indicators), from there, proceed to the “INVITE-ONLY SCRIPTS” section, where you will find the STRATEGY and SCRIPT for Ninja Signals.

Yes, please feel free to ask any questions in our Telegram channels and we will help you ASAP.

Any automated trading platform which is able to interpret alerts from TradingView will work with our script.

Gunbot, ProfitTrailer and CryptoHopper work well.

You can find Gunbot Licenses on our website.

Here is a link to our: Gunbot Licenses

Due to the length of backtest history, be careful using any BUY & SELL alerts indicator on shorter timeframes. Even on a Premium TradingView account, the 1 minute chart only goes back a few days of trading history. However, the 2h chart will go back 3 years on any TV subscription PRO or above. 

We do not recommend using the script when sufficient backtesting data has not been achieved, and we always look for at least 1-2 years of trading history.

Ninja Signals will work on any timeframe, however the best results will be achieved at timeframes which allow backtesting longer than 1-2 years.

Yes, you may buy configurations tuned to your specifications from our store. Please include the desired Exchange, Asset and Base Currency.

(Ex: Kucoin BTCUSDT)

Buy Custom Configurations: Here

We will create a working config for any exchange for you within a few days, if we do not already have one.

Yes, there are many configurations which we have found that are superior to BUY & HOLD strategies, especially when compounding gains. The videos clips above are showcasing one of these effective strategies.

With some practice, good configurations can be found within 1-2 hours on most timeframes, for most assets on TradingView. Reach out to us if you want help backtesting a particular config or finding a good starting point.

All licenses are activated within 1-24 hours.

Yes, for a fee of $20, you may transfer your UNLIMITED license to another TradingView account.

Yes, we are always creating new resources for Ninja Signals. Please check our video channels to see them all.

Users who contribue by generating configurations for the community, helping new users and other random things may be invited into our Private Trading Team as well as given custom beta access to our new projects.

We generally include only V4 since we can guarantee no repainting but if you would like access to V3, V2 or V1 — just let us know. Some users still use V3 but V2 and V1 are not comparable to V4 and are not recommended. V4 is the best.

Alone we are weak, together we are strong!

Our active community of traders has been steadfast since day 1 working to make our script the best on TradingView.

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