Ninja Signals TradingView Script

Ninja Signals TradingView Script


Designed for automatic and manual trading with Cryptocurrencies, Forex, & Securities.

Compatible with GunBot, ProfitTrailer, CryptoHopper, Autoview and other automatic trading software.

Compatible with all assets, charts and time intervals on



You can view our Ninja Signals instructional video series here:



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Supportive documentation is included with all script licenses. This documentation is in the form of an instructional .pdf user guide and a detailed tutorial video series.


• Allows users to easily set automated buy and sell alerts on TradingView for use with automatic and manual trading of cryptocurrencies, Forex securities, and more (alerts are compatible with automatic trading software such as GunBot, ProfitTrailer, Autoview, and more).
• Synthesizes many powerful indicators [e.g. Relative Strength Index (RSI), stochastic RSI, Money Flow Index (MFI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), etc.) into one super script to generate very precise buy and sell signals in almost any market condition.
• Features many adjustable settings, allowing traders to customize the script for any currency / security on any exchange available through TradingView, simply by changing a few parameters.
• Buy arrows (blue), sell arrows (red), and EMA trendline can be changed or hidden for ease of viewing.
• Complete with backtesting strategy version of script which allows users to test various buy and sell strategies based on the alerts the script generates (see information and screenshots below).
• Backtesting strategy features a user-defined adjustable date range, so traders can estimate performance of the script over specific periods of time, such as the last day, week, or month.
• Script and backtesting strategy feature many user-adjustable settings including an alertable stop loss and trailing stop, an ‘only sell for profit’ option (strategy only), RSI buy and sell filters, and a downtrend buy filter to help you customize your trading. Simply adjust the numbers and test results will update.
• Backtesting strategy allows for pyramid buying to test various average down / double up buying strategies. Simply adjust the number of pyramid buys and the quantity of each buy.


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DISCLAIMER: By using our ‘Ninja Signals’ planning script / strategy, you agree to the Bitcoin Ninjas ‘Terms of Use’, as presented on our website ( and as stated here. No sharing, copying, reselling, modifying, or any other forms of use are authorized for our script / strategy, documents / publications, and the information associated with them. This planning script / strategy and the accompanying informational document / guide is strictly for individual use and educational purposes only. This is not financial or investment advice. Investments are always made at your own risk and are based on your personal judgement. Bitcoin Ninjas is not responsible for any losses you may incur. Please invest wisely.

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