Custom Made Configurations

Custom Made Configurations


The Bitcoin Ninjas are proud to offer professional Pre-Tuned Settings Packs (Configuration Files) for any crypto-currency trading pair available on

Pre-Tuned Settings Packs can be configured for you, with use for our Ninja Signals trading script or with use for the Gunbot automated trading software platform.

Ninja Signals settings packs can be used for manual trading, they can also be used with any trading software or modality that is compatible with TradingView alerts, like automated trading software platforms such as Gunbot, Autoview, ProfitTrailer, and more.

Ninja Signals settings packs can be calibrated for any pair on TradingView!

Gunbot settings packs are specifically created for the built-in strategies of Gunbot automated trading software, and therefore, are only compatible with Gunbot. Gunbot settings packs can only be calibrated for cryptocurrency trading pairs available on all of Gunbot’s exchanges. Find out more about which exchanges here.

Simply indicate the Configuration Type (Ninja Signals, Gunbot, or No Preference),  Exchange (e.g. Binance, Bittrex, etc.), and Trading Pairs (e.g. BTCUSDT, EOSBTC, etc.) you want your settings packs configured for, and we will create custom pre-tuned settings packs to meet your chosen preferences.

Please make sure to include a list of the specific trading pairs you want included in your settings packs during checkout (Example: BTCUSDT, EOSBTC, STEEMETH, etc.).

Our pre-tuned settings packs used backtest data from over several weeks, to months or years of trading data, depending on the amount of backtesting available for that chart from TradingView.

After your custom pre-tuned settings packs are complete, you will receive a confirmation email with all of your settings packs organized into one simple compressed (.zip) file. You can then take those settings, plug them into the Ninja Signals script, and begin setting alerts on them right away. Pre-Tuned Settings Packs are typically delivered within 3 days to 2-4 weeks after your order is placed, depending on the total number of settings packs you request and our availability.

Disclaimer: Pre-Tuned Settings Packs are for educational use only and are not financial advice. No settings will profit 100% of the time for all trading pairs or market conditions. Trades are your responsibility, based on your own judgement. Our pre-tuned settings packs are intended to help you develop a general idea of what settings to use and what strategies to consider when trading, but ultimately you decide when to buy and sell, and you are responsible for your trading. cannot be held responsible for any profits or losses you may experience. Please review our full terms and conditions before using our settings packs:

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